Brenda and Eddie are on a journey that shows how we…and you…can change lives.

In this final video, see what Eddie realizes when Brenda says, "New Life gave us to these wonderful people. We're helping to bring hope and change into a new home."

Your life changes

whether you donate money or furniture, volunteer, or receive New Life furniture. Thank you for supporting our Changing Lives Campaign to raise $50,000.

Video #1: Meet Brenda and Eddie

Video #2: Brenda and Eddie's Lives Are Changing

Video #3: Brenda and Eddie Are on the Move

Video #4: Brenda and Eddie Get "The Treatment"

Homelessness is a massive problem, but we’re part of the solution.

Family homelessness in MA is rising faster than the national average

Children make up 60% of the 13,000 people experiencing family homelessness on any given night in MA

Many individuals living in shelters are working, and some even have two jobs

Thanks to you the place became a comfortable home where we can dream and where these dreams can surely become reality. I deeply appreciate what you have done for us. You are awesome!

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